Garage Sale

Welcome! Please use this interactive map to navigate the Fossil Lake Ranch Annual Garage Sale on June 2, 2018 from 8AM-2PM.

Garage Sale Header Image

List of Participating Households:

3161 Rock Park Drive, Fort Collins

5926 Snowy Plover Ct, Fort Collins

3474 Shallow Pond Dr, Fort Collins

3202 Ledgestone Ct,Fort Collins 

5851 Dripping Rock Lane A105, Fort Collins

6003 Wild View Dr, Fort Collins

3302 Wild View Dr, Fort Collins

3162 Sagewater Ct, Fort Collins

3278 Rock Park Dr, Fort Collins

5762 Round Rock Ct, Fort Collins

6581 Rookery Dr, Fort Collins

3450 Lost Lake Pl Unit K-4, Fort Collins

3450 Lost Lake Pl Unit L3, Fort Collins

3163 Sagewater Ct, Fort Collins

6582 Rookery Rd, Fort Collins

3156 Twin Wash Square, Fort Collins

3276 Twin Heron Ct, Fort Collins

3509 Wild View Dr, Fort Collins

5621 Evening Primrose, Fort Collins